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Loyal, Kind, Thoughtful, Funny, Clever, Mischevious, Empathic, Generous. An amazing partner, Dad, friend and soul mate.

Connas was only ever annoying by how nice and understanding he was when other people were being impossible, changing their mind by being a pacifist and making them feel stupid! (A few people have been on the recieving end of that one, including me)

From the small children who he worked with in the creche who would see him and shout "MICHAEL!!!" at the top of their voice, to the old women who worked on the market with him and everybody inbetween. He was loved, respected and cherished. Connas got on with everybody.

As far as being a Dad and partner, he would come in from work and be upset if his tea was ready because my day should have been spent playing with the children. I fell in love with him in the first place because I could see how much he loved his son.

His vast knowledge of almost any track played blew peoples mind as did his eye for an antique or painting.


Donna XXX



Dad, I will always remember the funny memories we have like at Christmas you fell backwards into all of the prezzies because we were dizzy and how you always danced with us.

Dad was lovely to my little Sister Ebony, he used to kiss and cuddle her all of the time. We love you. R.I.P Father.
Alannah and Ebs.


"no-one had a bad word to say about him" ever heard that ? it could have been written for Michael. Unassuming always smiling a ray of sunshine that went out way to early. Brother , Son and uncle you played a blinder in every role and we wont forget you.

David, Susan, Vicky ,Charlotte and Vera (Mam).


connas was and remains the most inspiring person I've ever met, he was my best friend who always did everything from the heart - not for the wallet....the most respectful way a man can be....even in crap times he could always see some humor to make everyone realize you should always look on the bright side of life...he was punk rock with a heart of gold....he was even more inspiring to me with his taste and collection in music, he had a limitless passion for it

if hed wanted to be make a career out of music hed have been 99% better than most pros out there and cleared the floor with them (well filled it i mean) i believe he never really wanted to do that as it would have taken a lot of his love for music away

he was a loving man and the best mate you could ever ask for, i miss him so much

respect fairsie xxx


I have only ever had a handful of real friends in my life, and Connas was most definately one of them. he was a real gem, we had a real deep bond.he was steadfast in his convictions, he always backed the underdog. he had a heart of gold.he taught me so much about music and so much about life in general.he pops into my head every day and i miss him terribly.a wonderful wonderful person. bless you my can sleep the sleep of the just.

Andy Pawlak


I met this amazing lad through Andy and John. He made me feel at ease and welcome from the first time i shook his hand. I'll remember him for his kindness, sincerity, humour, honesty but most of all his great big smile. I feel honored to have met you .
Sleep tight Connas.


i just cant belive your gone, it only seems like yesterday that you were at mine with john - me and my mum took you back home and we were amazed at how nice your house was and your private beech - i couldnt stop laughing at the fact that there was a guy walking along the beech with a axe and connas you just laughed and said its byth what do you expect. but i really really cant belive your gone.

always remeber you and your crazy danceing m8



I knew Connas a bit at School, but after that he moved to Tynemouth and joined my circle of friends. EVERYONE liked Connas, where ever we went, whoever we met EVERYONE liked Connas. looking back at that time with him I think "What a wonderful bloke.



Met Connas when he started seeing Dee years ago. Though he was a really nice, kind bloke and used to chat to him all the time about the early rave music and breakbeats. Had the best Halloween ever just last year when me and my brother John and a couple friends went over to Connas and Dees house and we had fireworks on the beach, few drinks and ghost stories and of course, plenty of lovely old skool breaks all night. Was a brilliant night and i'll never forget it, or Connas

RIP m8



Connas was my next door neighbour in Jesmond (Henshelwood Tce) over 20 years ago and in that brief period we had some great times, although I must admit to being a bit scared of him at first. Connas always seemed unfazed by peoples actions and always accepted everyone as they were.
Lent me his smart shoes when I wanted to go out and make an impression.
Just grinned when I told him that my girlfriend (now wife) whilst drunk crashed my car into his minivan.
Noticed I liked old radios and gave us a great bakelite radio as a wedding present which we still have today.
Gave me a collection of antiques and some cash in exchange for my old Rover P6 which I think then got sold to Phil Knowles.
Introduced me to the music of Iggy Pop. We both also shared a fondness of Kevin Rowland (Dexy's Midnight Runners) although no one else seemed to share this opinion.

Many more stories, that like Connas, will never be forgotten.....

Dom and Jeanette Fearon (Cumbria)


When i think of you I smile.
The time i spent with you was always comfortable, fun and inspiring. Ive never met anyone as unique as you, you truly blew me away..
Im so lucky to have loved you, it was a great couple of years and I treasure the memories; from Norway to York to crazy nights out and cosy nights in.
Thanks Pigsy.. Love xxxxxxx



``Connas has died ``
was the worst news I have ever heard.
Ridiculous ! Nonsense! How absurd!
the mind spun, tears sprung. head hurt.
No no
This! can not Be?.... (click to read all)

phil knowles


connas was a great bloke,
kind caring considerate and over all a very personable gentleman.
his untimely death is a great loss to the human race,
may his memory live on while he rests at peace



I miss u so much Connas. When i think of the times we had at school, u were the rebel. Your always in my thoughts. But still can't believe ur not here.

Sharon xx


was listening to this the other day and it reminded me of Allanah's poem so I thought it would be nice to share it.

Michael Knowles


Made our sis Donna so happy and them 2 girls a great dad, he'll always leave a lasting memory to a lot of people

RIP xx
Joanne and Paul Daly


very much missed and always will b crazylegs!! RIP m8!!!

john walton


only the gd die true in connors case,he was a gd m8 n will always remember r 80's dances @ legends with gr8 fondness.a brill dad n a loving partner 4 my sis dee,sadly missed but never forgotton,rip connors, xxxxxx

janice n craig